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Dance with Your Fears

The thing I love most about watching dancers is, to me, or from the audience perspective we rarely know if they make a mistake. In dance, if you just keep m o v i n g, the only person aware of a mistake is usually the dancer. It is the same for art and it can be the same in most everything we do. If we just keep on moving and let go and learn from our mistakes and fears, more than likely no one will ever even know.


In a world of stress and uncertainty, we have a lot of fears. We have to learn to embrace our fears. Usually, fears come from a place of just not knowing. But what happens when we lean into those fears, when we take a risk... we often feel a sense of accomplishment that leads to our personal growth and development.

Watching dancers or just any athlete perform often reminds to me to take chances and persevere. Often times we don't take chances because of some fear we have, likely irrational. I feel that I myself am usually the only thing in my way. We get comfortable and comfort feels good but getting out of your comfort zone is really the only way we experience growth. I want to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and just experience - experience successes, experience failures, experience learning from those failures and from that you will experience growth. Growth doesn't happen only during childhood, as adults we are learning and growing every single day. Consider fear your friend, propelling you into action, encouraging you to do something.

There is just something so heartfelt about the art of dance. The fluidity of the movement, the obvious hours and hours of practice, the forgiving nature that if a mistake is made it not black and white, it's about the next movement. Mistakes happen but if you hold your head up and just keep moving often no one but you even notices.

Most successful people had some fear to o

vercome and they probably were not successful the first leap they took, they probably failed and learned and experienced and persevered from those fears and out of those chances resulted successes and courage.

Have Courage. Be Confident. Dance with your Fears.

Shots taken with my go to lens

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